Our Goals
How can a Strategic Mission Grant help you build relationships outside the church walls to share and spread the Gospel?

The goals of the foundations in awarding a Strategic Mission Grant are as follows:


The goal of a Missional Community grant is to foster new relationships and encourage new ideas and innovative thinking to build the church beyond the parish walls. Missional communities are not focused on sustainability but rather relationships and impact.


Second Sites are efforts where a congregation (or multiple congregations), as part of a strategic plan, investigates a new start either in the form of a second site or satellite location. The goal is to launch a new mission and have it fully become a part of the original congregation. This makes particular sense if an emerging area of high population growth is identified in which there is not an Episcopal presence in that area. In some cases, congregations may want to work collaboratively on a grant proposal if a unique opportunity exists.


The goal of Community Evangelism with Intentional Invitation is to reach out beyond your walls to invite new people into your faith and congregation. Get to know your community and build relationships with the people who live there. Then create a bold strategy to invite them into your congregation.