Mosaic Church Campus, Pearland TX
St. Andrews Episcopal Church


An extension of St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Mosaic is located in west Pearland to serve the community beyond the home campus on the east side. Set up in a strip mall, Mosaic doesn’t look or feel like a conventional church, and that’s intentional.

While there may be generally less religious faith in west Pearland, there’s no shortage of passion for making a difference around the neighborhood and in the world. The Mosaic campus creates opportunities for doing so through community service, special events and partnerships with other local organizations. People who may not make the trip to St. Andrews on Sunday morning for worship can feel comfortable at Mosaic, a casual environment that facilitates their participation in Christian-minded service.

From packing 10,000 pounds of rice and beans, to organizing Bible studies with other churches, to coordinating with a center for adults with special needs in packaging bread for donation, Mosaic strives to extend the work of Christ beyond the church by inviting people from all walks of life and faith to share their time and talent.