San Pedro Iglesia Episcopal

The Rev. David Goldberg and The Rev. Pedro Lopez proposed grant funding for a Community Engagement Minister who would connect people to the ministries of San Pedro and the services of the North Pasadena Community Organization (NPCO) who works as San Pedro’s outreach arm. This person would also identify people in the community who can be bridge-builders and a presence in the community. NPCO provides the community access points for benefits and healthcare assistance and basic education opportunities. The congregation of San Pedro, in turn, provides pastoral care and spiritual guidance to individuals and families.

The diocese recognizes the value of this work in a community where the city government is not friendly or supportive of the immigrant and the lower socio-economic spectrum, and where many of the churches in Pasadena moved south years ago, leaving fewer and fewer to provide a safety net. North Pasadena is one of the poorest and underserved regions of Harris County. San Pedro strives to amplify the gospel of Jesus by walking with persons as they seek to establish themselves as citizens and amplify the mission of San Pedro in the community.